WDPC is a site dedicated to giving you the information you need on deaf people, sign language as well as communities of deaf people in and around the UK. You will find a wealth of information on how sign language has evolved as an effective means of helping people who are deaf or hard of hearing communicate with people around them. It will also provide you with relevant information you need to understand how deaf people are able to function in communities of their own.

History of sign language

The site will look into how sign language has been an effective communication tool employing not only facial expressions and hand gestures but body language as well. It will explain how this manual form of communication has come to be an effective alternative to spoken language and how it has helped hearing-impaired individuals cope with everyday life.

Gestural Theory of the human language

Apart from the history of sign language, you will also find various information on sign language classifications as well as typology. The site will also help you understand how special communications system such as manual codes for spoken language help deaf people communicate better. It also looks into the Gestural Theory of the human language. It aims to look at how gestures formed a crucial part of the earlier primitive language and how it has made its way to present sign language use.

Poker Tournament for deaf people

The site will also feature articles and valuable information on a special Poker Tournament created for deaf people. The tournament was built from the ground up with the hearing-impaired players at the very core. This tournament helps ensure that those that are hard of hearing are able to enjoy the game with the help of The National Deaf Poker Tour. It’s also possible to play poker online. It’s easy to find good poker sites and you get your winnings to your account fast and easy. Read more about that on casinowithdrawal.co.uk

British Deaf Association

You will also find significant information about the British Deaf Association and how it is structured to help hearing-impaired individuals in and around the country. Apart from advocating sign language for use in communication, it will also talk about relevant news pertinent to the deaf community. It also tackles how community development is a big part of the whole process and it can even show you how you can get involved in their mission of providing deaf people access and whatever support they need.

Deaf communities

The site will also look into how deaf communities are created and differentiate formal and informal creation of such communities. It looks at how formal communities such as schools for the hearing-impaired are created. The site also gives valuable information on how informal communities come about and form together whether it be caused by migration, employment opportunities or other special and specific purposes.