Technological advancements have given deaf people a lot more options for communications systems over and above sign language. Technology has been an enabler for a lot of sectors of society and the deaf community is one of them. They are also the recipients of some communications systems that makes interaction with other people a little bit easier.

What are communication systems for the deaf

Simply defined, these systems are modern-day technology being used by the deaf and even the hard of hearing to communicate with other people. This enables them to talk not only with each other on a constant basis. These systems give them the chance to talk to hearing-enabled people who might not be well-versed with sign language.

Manually coded languages

One of the things you need to understand when looking at communication systems used by deaf people is that there are manually coded languages that they use. This is quite unique and different from sign language which evolved naturally in and around deaf communities. Manually coded language is a conscious effort to mimic and follow the same pattern as oral language.


This is one of the earlier types of communications systems used by deaf people. Also known as a teletype machine, this puts a keyboard on the deaf person’s phone unit at home. They can simply put a call to another person with the same system and converse using the keypad. They can also communicate with people who do not have the same system but would have to rely on a relay service. This means another person would act as a middle person reading the text over to the other line and typing in the response back to the deaf person. There are not much of these nowadays but it paved the way for improved communication systems for the deaf community. Some of them are voice carry over the telephone as well as IP and video relay services.

Baby sign language for hearing children

One of the more unique examples of a special communication system is being used for hearing children. There is no question how hard it is to communicate with babies that is why a baby sign language was put together to bridge that gap until such time that the baby can talk. This addresses the frustration on both babies and parents which usually leads to meltdowns and tantrums for the small one.

Gestural theory of human language

One of the earlier communication systems that people used is explained through the gestural theory of the human language. It explains that people used gestures as a way to communicate. This is because there are times when speech might not be able to convey the idea they want to communicate to another person. This dates back to when earlier people started to bipedal or walk on two feet. This enabled them to free up their hands to gesture as a way to communicate with other people.